Steve Jackson Games Munchkin Deluxe – MetroUpdate Store


Contains 168 playing cards, 6 standies, 6 participant playing cards, gameboard, guidelines, and die. What makes this version “deluxe”? It is bought an enormous gameboard to maintain your playing cards in place, and 6 coloured standies that you simply transfer on the gameboard as you degree up. Plus a card to go together with every standie, to make it straightforward to recollect who’s what shade and who’s what gender. Go down within the dungeon. Kill all the pieces you meet. Backstab your mates and steal their stuff. Seize the treasure and run. Admit it. You like it.

Full sport playable out of the field
3 to 6 gamers
1 2 hours to play
10 and up
Deluxe set contains standies and a gameboard

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