Water Bottle With Time Marker – 32 OZ, 1 Liter, Motivational Reusable Water Bottles With Times To Drink – BPA Free Frosted Plastic – For Fitness, Sports, Gym, Travel And Outdoors – Leakproof, Durable – MetroUpdate Store

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Handy time markers to remind you to drink your daily intake of water as you go. Never reach bedtime again having to chug down a full liter of water because you forgot to drink all day! 

🌱Our BPA Free, TRITAN PLASTIC bottles are environmentally friendly 🌱 
Every reusable bottle can save thousands of wasted plastic bottles. 
💠So Stylish you will take it everywhere💠
Super cute aluminium, gold coloured lid looks great anywhere, the gym, office, yoga, music festival….take it everywhere. Never go thirsty. 
It’s subtle, but if you are into sacred geometry, our logo is the symbol for water in it’s purest form. Some believe the presence of this symbol can re balance the energy frequency of the water, restoring it to balance. 
🎁Makes the perfect Gift 🎁
Our gorgeous box and stylish bottle make the perfect gift for women and men.  For anyone who loves the outdoors or just wants to be a little more healthy and hydrated. 
💧We hope you enjoy drinking from our beautiful waterbottles as much as we do! 💧
* Wash by hand in warm water. 
💧 REMINDERS TO HYDRATE – Convenient Time Markers remind you to drink your recommended water intake throughout the day. Just fill the bottle, drink to the marker every hour, refill at lunch and repeat. A half gallon a day down. Easy as that.
🌱 BPA FREE – Non Toxic Frosted Tritan PLASTIC. Healthy for your body, Healthy for the Environment. Reusable drink bottles save polluting the earth with thousands of toxic plastic water bottles. One reusable bottle saves 1000 toxic bottles, every small step helps.
💠 ELEGANT, SLEEK AND SIMPLE DESIGN. Take it everywhere. Perfect for fitness, outdoors, yoga, meditation, the gym, hiking, music festivals or the office. With our beautifully designed box and gold coloured, stainless steel lid this makes the absolute perfect gift for women or men.
💧 DROP PROOF – Our beautifully designed tritan plastic water bottles are durable and won’t break when dropped. The look of glass, with the lightweight convenience of environmentally friendly plastic. Leakproof, Screw top lid with a medium opening makes drinking easy, so you can avoid messy spills. 1 BOTTLE PER PURCHASE.
⃤ SACRED GEOMETRY LOGO – Our logo is the sacred geometry symbol for water in it’s purest form. Not only does it look pretty, the presence of this symbol is also believed to hold the ability to clear and reset the energy of water, restoring it to balance.

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